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    masterplanning myanmar

    By hann
    Feb 6, '06 1:03 PM EST

    Three weeks into masterplanning a squatter/religious area in Yangon, Myanmar... and the end's a week away. Working (and leading) a 12-member group wouldn't be my cup of tea on any occasion, but at least for this one, things are starting to look up.

    Basically, we're resettling squatters into a 150 000 sq m area, and developing zones of commercial activity, religious activity as well as an entertainment/transportation hub. Approx two-thirds of that area is dedicated for mass-housing, the design of which will constitute the individual design aspect of this semester's project.

    Our approach has thus far been rather pragmatic. Rational, yes; inspiring, not quite. I guess it's part of what the tutor's pushing for - "real" design - and the highly contextual nature of the project makes rationalism a clear option.

    Anyhow, a couple of images:




    • sharpie.

      It Sounds like a challenging project.. wish you had posted some pictures of this squatter settlement. Good luck!

      Feb 7, 06 12:37 am

      Thanks. I'll post pictures of the squatters as soon as I can, and updates on the masterplan itself.

      Feb 8, 06 3:33 pm

      hey, it seems very helpful to study on. i'd love to know more about the concepts and graphics. if it's possible !

      Dec 6, 08 8:02 am

      Please email me:

      I am masterplanner in yangon

      Jul 17, 17 4:12 am

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