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    Fourth Year architecture - Semester 1

    By hann
    Jan 8, '06 10:19 AM EST

    The fourth year at NUS generally focuses on design for communities. Semester 1 dealt with masterplanning, and then creating an urban intervention. Some of the work from the previous semester follows:

    Studio masterplan on the Tanjong Pagar / Duxton Plain / Singapore River in Singapore, with the aims of linking three inherently different zones with a parkway.


    Images which follow are those of my individual project, a performance and visual arts centre which takes over old (mid 1900s) shophouses along Duxton Plain.


    The project was envisioned as a facility for the arts as well as an urban link from one row of shophouses to the other, currently closed off by the shophouse fronts.


    The link evolved from being a bridge to a performance deck, aimed at bringing the products of the visual and performing arts studios onto the streets (albeit at an elevated level).

    The interiors of the old shophouses would be revamped and reconfigured for new use, whilst maintaining the structural fundaments of the shophouses' party walls.

    The performance deck / urban link, raised above the parkway (above).

    A theatrette was to be dug underground, independent of existing foundation systems of the shophouses. The interiors would be modifiable (configurable stage, movable furniture), depending on the nature of the performance (above).


    Development models

    Detailing of acoustic wall

    Presentation boards for crit


    • jimbo

      Wow, great visuals. It seems you did them all by hand. Do you learn the computer, especially at fourth yr level? What about undergraduate work?

      Jan 8, 06 11:40 am

      Hi, thanks for the compliment. :) The images were done with pencil sketches and textures montaged with Photoshop, so the computer WAS used. ;)

      I eschewed using 3D modelling programmes this time to "re-learn" design development through physical model-making and sketching. I found that it made me think a lot more, which I thought was a good thing.

      We learned drawing / modelling / rendering software in our second year.

      What ABOUT undergrad work? Hmm... perhaps I'll do up a brief post on the focus of the Design module from undergrad to graduate work soon...

      Jan 8, 06 12:09 pm

      Okay... can you show your undergraduate work with the computer?

      Jan 8, 06 12:22 pm
      steph p.

      i just finished my undergrad, and looking for internship in sg before undertaking m.arch. do u know what other companies, other than dp, that look for interns?

      Aug 13, 06 2:26 am
      steph p.

      i just finished my undergrad, and looking for internship in sg before undertaking m.arch. do u know what other companies, other than dp, that look for interns?

      Aug 13, 06 2:26 am

      I know this post was on August 12th... a month ago. But I'm bored so what the heck.

      Other Singapore firms...

      Try Gin + Design Workshop. I worked at this office for all my summer internships.
      He's friends with Waro Kishi and Kazuyo Sejima (he speaks fluent Japanese on the phone with them!)

      It's a small office and he's not registered as an architect in Singapore(or can't be bothered to), maybe for this reason he's not well-published in Singapore but he is published in A+U, GA Houses and in some Japanese "Shinkenchiku" magazine.... and he was also invited to guest-lecture at Sci-Arc.

      I got to do design as an intern. (How many offices can you find which lets you do design as a summer intern!?) I also helped out with preparing some exhibition stuff where Waro Kishi was chairman and him as co-chairman of the exhibition. It was a good experience.

      Because he's not registered, you can't find the firm listed in yellowpages, but here's the address for his office you wanna try :

      Gin + Design Workshop
      Principal: Ang Gin Wah

      7500A Beach Road
      The Plaza
      Singapore 199591
      Tel: 6292 1111

      If you are into commercial firms, try RSP, CPG.
      Other "star" firms to try:

      Bedmar & Shi (I went for an interview. and found the principal to be very laid back and the people very friendly. Lots of smiles. Good atmosphere)

      Kerry Hill Architects (Also went for interview at this firm... ok atmosphere, does some proper modernist design, people not as friendly as Bedmar & Shi - but that's just me, maybe I went to their office on a busy day.)

      Hope this helps.

      Oct 24, 06 1:46 am

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