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    Second semester begins

    By hann
    Jan 8, '06 10:47 AM EST

    The second semester kicks off tomorrow with an Urban Workshop by Josep Acebillo, invited to conduct the workshop. Mr Acebillo is the urban planning advisor of the Barcelona Town Council.

    The workshop takes up one week, at the end of which, we're supposed to design a housing scheme (which would tie in with a masterplan) in Singapore. York's Hill and Pearl's Hill was chosen to be the site, a 'rehash' of semester 1's masterplan (but with a different focus of course).

    In fact, the semester had already 'begun' during the holidays, with a visit to Myanmar (where the second semester's main project - which kicks right after the urban workshop - is sited). A couple of lengthy meetings with my TAS (The Architectural Society, the student body) committee, and between TAS and the department management committee followed.

    More updates on the urban workshop and the Myanmar project soon.

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