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    valuable experience

    By PROJECT x
    Jan 24, '06 6:58 PM EST

    About twenty of us, all students of architecture, traveled to Louisiana over this winter break hoping to contribute to the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast region. We were there for just over two weeks of demolition work and some construction while working under the guidance of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.



    • vado retro

      so didja put your application in at the magnolia???

      Jan 24, 06 9:13 pm
      Andrew R. Miller

      Your blog, Dave Ruperti only reinforces the fact that UB graduate students are some of the lazyiest and most worthless grad students involved in an architectural institute of higher learning and only a UB graduate student would have the moxie to create a blog representing his school to the world wide web, only to loose interest after three lack luster posts. What happened to the Dave Ruperti who as an undergrad stayed up day and night to glue hundreds of base wood sticks to a grid just to stick it to a cocky havarded educated adjunct facilty member. It looks like Dave Ruperti as grown fat and lazy as all grad students do from suckling the evil tits of an assistantship, and study abroad. You are dead to me.

      Mr. F

      Mar 30, 06 10:21 am
      PROJECT x

      Yes, its all gone down hill after graduation. Now that we have the lasercutter back and a 3d-modeler I phone it all in.

      "harvarded educated"

      Apr 2, 06 3:34 pm
      Andrew R. Miller

      I would like to clairify to anyone who visits this part of the internet that my comments on March 30 were sarcastic. I am a proud alumnis of UB and many of my closest friends are either alumni of UB or are still enrolled, if it hadn't been for a series of strange events I would most likely still be enrolled at UB. As for Mr. Ruperti he is a great student, and from what I heard an equally good teaching assistant. If Mr. Ruperti suckles from "the evil tits of an assistantship and study abroad" it is because he earned it through good grades and sacrafic.

      Lets go Bulls
      Lets go Dean Carter

      Apr 3, 06 12:15 am

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