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    158 words on hiding

    By PROJECT x
    Nov 15, '05 1:57 AM EST

    "I need to make it clear that full and complete hiding is not what I'm interested in. It seems to become too simply about a puzzle and often results in camouflage as a solution. What is interesting to me, because it connects more with what I'm interested in at this point in my education, is the tricky grey area of hiding that is evident in architecture as much as it is a part of any conversation. This approach to hiding is challenging me to design subtleties into my architecture reflecting the complexity of dialogue as an experience. Understanding the experience of my design from various points of view will develop a conversation between the neighborhood and this house, its occupant, the tourist, the resident artist, the landlord, or the neighbor. This can provide inspiration for solutions that will further manifest my concept in material matters that deal with issues like access to light and air, structure, plumbing, etc."

    -David Ruperti


    • Marlin


      I'm curious if this a studio, thesis, or class project proposal approach:


      Nov 15, 05 12:02 pm

      3 letters on hiding


      Nov 16, 05 1:40 am
      PROJECT x

      Marlin& earch

      that confusing posting of mine was from a studio on the topic of Hiding as architecture. We were asked to provide a post mid-term crit statement, specifically "one paragraph on hiding", hence my title's emphasis on quantity. The studio has been quite exciting and at times a little difficult to explain to others and ourselves. I'm sure i'll get into further detail in future postings as the final crit approaches.

      thank you for the welcome Marlin

      and earch, thank you also


      Nov 16, 05 12:41 pm

      does Dick Yencer still run the shop?

      Nov 16, 05 1:05 pm
      PROJECT x

      Yes, Dick is still running the shop.

      Nov 16, 05 3:52 pm

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