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    hello again, it's been a while

    By Ezio Blasetti
    Nov 12, '05 2:16 PM EST

    well life in Columbia GSAPP is very intense, I just came out from a presentation for studio "and I survived", ....
    I'll post my images from this presentation (3/4 in Karl Chu's studio - theme: Hilbert's Hotel)
    best - ezio

    brief - link to GSAPP

    slideshow-in new window


    • hey ezio what software are you using to make this slide show?

      Nov 12, 05 2:40 pm
      Ezio Blasetti

      im not using a program/ its the flash slideshow from flickr that im liking you guys to....
      best ezio

      Nov 12, 05 2:50 pm
      Cheyne Owens

      very sexy stuff going on.

      Nov 13, 05 10:36 am

      Hey cool stuff..really amazing ..liked how u presented it :)

      Nov 13, 05 11:50 am

      very sexy graphics indeed! but would be great to get something more three dimensional (than a photo of hilbert himself)

      have been following chu's work and his studios for a while. seems like he always makes his students do L systems stuff (no matter what new name he comes up with for the studio), and for years they've been producing the identical patterns and mappings. but i've never seen anything really 3d come out of it besides a few lofted lines.

      what about his own work, has he made anything 3d using L systems that anybody has seen? either L systems don't work for making architecture, or i suspect he doesn't have a grip on what he is teaching.

      Nov 14, 05 2:12 pm
      Cheyne Owens

      is the intention really in the making of "architecture" or the ways in which patterns may lead to architecture? Either way I think they go beyond "graphical" and are architecture enough...

      Nov 14, 05 2:39 pm
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