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    Richard Taylor
    Aug 29, '05 10:11 AM EST

    As a thesis student, I have been spending my time doing research and case study work on specific projects... not terribly exciting for anyone but myself. However, I have become excited about the things that I see as I walk around the studios here in my building. I am stunned to see the mess of productivity from the lower class level. One week into the new semester, people have full detailed models, 3d rendering, and preliminary presentations. Just out of the starting block, this building has already filled with the byproduct of creativity. I spent an hour ½ reading reports, and pinups from the first, second, and third year levels when it occurred to me that there is so much to learn from our classmates from all year levels. Sometimes out of arrogance, it easy to overlook their work. There is such a wealth of energy in the academia. From my own anxiety, I just want to remind you to look around...before its gone.


    • Taesung

      It's true that there is a wealth of information and learning to be gleaned from through your classmates of varying years. However, I worry of the value and direction of a program where fully detailed models/3d renderings are emphasized in only the first week of a new semester. Hopefully the work itself is rich in content/ideas, and not just in a recycled sense.

      Aug 29, 05 1:51 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Hi there, Richard.

      I've recently bought a book about the Rural Studio at Auburn. It sounds amazing.

      I noticed your blog and thought I'd ask what you think of it. Have you ever been involved with it? How popular is it?

      I'm all the way over in London, UK and the whole idea of a university studio that goes out and actually BUILDS stuff for the good of the community seems like a wonderful idea, but sadly an impossible one.

      Sep 27, 05 9:17 am

      Right right, I assure you that the influence of the program is sound, and certainly "full detailed models" would be premature. I was just excited about the information overload.

      Nov 9, 05 3:19 pm

      Oppinions of the rural studio may vary.
      If you like, you can email me:

      Nov 9, 05 3:28 pm

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