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  • Howdy

    By Mark_M
    Feb 4, '11 12:28 PM EST

    Subject: Greetings

    Data: Master of Design Build Cohort 10’-11’ D-Track | Former blogger for Hampton University | National Football Champions | War Eagle

    Framing Lens: Eyes of a Graduate Student | Sprinkles of Undergraduate activity here and there

    Current Events: Auburn is currently going through NAAB accreditation | Looking for a new Dean for the CADC Auburn College of Architecture, Design, & Construction

    I recently graduated from Hampton University on May 2010 with a Master of Architecture (5.5 yr format). Career plan A was sidelined by the majority of the rants I’ve read in the discussion forum, the economy. I luckily had some audibles I could call and career plan A was revamped to A 2.0. I applied to several Design Build or Hybrid of DB and ultimately decided on Auburn because the nature of the program focuses on issues of collaboration in the Building Industry, not just physical construction.

    Next Up: Recap of Fall Semester | Current Work, Research, & Fabrication


    Volkswagen Competition Winners

    Industrial Design Collaboration: Tile Fabrication with Rhino > Inventor > Revit

    New Orleans Chase Competition: Auburn vs. MIT, Columbia, Parsons, & University of New Orleans



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  • Mixed Use Montgomery

    Richard Taylor
    Nov 9, '05 2:39 PM EST

    We have been given the task of designing a mixed use building in Montgomery Al, right next to the new baseball field. The challenge is not the program, but rather the fact that we have been put into teams of four. Two designers and two building science students. Playing the role of the architects... View full entry

  • acadamia

    Richard Taylor
    Aug 29, '05 10:11 AM EST

    As a thesis student, I have been spending my time doing research and case study work on specific projects... not terribly exciting for anyone but myself. However, I have become excited about the things that I see as I walk around the studios here in my building. I am stunned to see the mess of... View full entry

  • Bull in a China shop

    Richard Taylor
    Jul 12, '05 4:19 PM EST

    Quick sketch of a door bell: I didnt include any kind of scale but the space is two stories high so you can imagine the form to be at its widest part about 16 feet tall. The space is a warehouse loft and the client wants a low profile piece againts the wall which "does something". We thought it... View full entry

  • Michelangelo

    Richard Taylor
    Apr 5, '05 5:47 PM EST

    I have been in Firenza (Florence) for the last four days and it has been the greatest weekend. I left my laptop here in Roma so I have a hundred emails to read, but before I do, Ill tell you about my adventures. My hotel was spectacular located 20 yards from the Duomo, Brunelleschi's Dome. As... View full entry

  • Making Euro

    Richard Taylor
    Mar 26, '05 7:29 AM EST

    So yesterdays, I bought a Bicycle for 60e, that's about $80.00. My life expectancy has been reduced considerably but after two weeks of waiting for bus's and walking amongst strolling pedestrians, well I had to get out of that rut. You know you're really somebody when you have a bike in Rome... View full entry

  • 2005 Study Abroad

    Richard Taylor
    Mar 12, '05 2:11 PM EST

    On our way to Rome Italy, We got stranded at Charles De Gualle in Paris due to a strike. I took the chance to run downtown and burn up some pixels. View full entry

  • Piazza Navonna

    Richard Taylor
    Feb 18, '05 1:05 PM EST

    Program: we are to design a cafe on the ground floor, architecture education studio on the second and third, and residents on the third fourth and up. (in Italy, the first floor is what we consider in the states as the second) Again, after looking at my archway, inspired my Leon Alberti, I feel... View full entry

  • A moment of A.D.D.

    Richard Taylor
    Feb 16, '05 4:06 PM EST

    In 1596 the water closet was invented by John Harrington, costing only 6 shillings and 8 pence, however the closet was not adopted on a large scale for almost 200 years. In 1738, JF Brondel introduced the valve type flush toilet. Alexander Cummings further improved the technology and designed... View full entry

  • Piazza Navonna

    Richard Taylor
    Feb 16, '05 3:32 PM EST

    My class of thirty is getting ready to go to Rome Italy for a few months, and as a preparatory project, we have been given the challenge of designing a building on the Piazza Navonna. We're acting as if one of the existing buildings was abducted by aliens, and the void left behind was our site... View full entry

  • Alagasco competition

    Richard Taylor
    Feb 15, '05 11:17 PM EST

    "A light and ethereal body which seemingly defies gravity with contemporary engineering, it's character gives an expression of steel, the product which Birmingham once thrived on. Embedded into a fabric of an older era of materials and construction method, this design pushes Birmingham into the... View full entry

  • Monday Oct 11, 2004

    Richard Taylor
    Oct 11, '04 12:37 PM EST

    Im compiling year level project statements, along with anecdotes and specific student work View full entry

  • Auburn University School of Architecture Bill of Rights

    Richard Taylor
    Sep 10, '04 12:58 PM EST

    Auburn University School of Architecture Bill of Rights. Authors: The students of the School of premise Studio/Lab is a rare environment. One develops one's ideas, projects, and self by way of experimentation, collaboration, and expression. Studio lab is a fragile... View full entry

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