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    Piazza Navonna

    Richard Taylor
    Feb 18, '05 1:05 PM EST

    Program: we are to design a cafe on the ground floor, architecture education studio on the second and third, and residents on the third fourth and up. (in Italy, the first floor is what we consider in the states as the second)

    Again, after looking at my archway, inspired my Leon Alberti, I feel like im trying to do something I know nothing about. The capitals on the columns are fake and are there to simply "look old". well Im not old, and I didnt grow up in the 12 century, and hell its 2005. I think its a terrible mistake to mimic a style of a previous era. I like the arch way, because it pays respect to the historic skyline, but as for now, thats as far as im going with that nestalgic crap. I have classmates that are designing buildings that look like theater sets, trying to look old. I dont know what the answer is. I just think that Borromini would be offended if I tried to copy his style using modern materials





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