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    By yamani
    Mar 15, '05 2:22 PM EST

    so much for staying on top of this thing.
    our final review was yesterday. i'm sad that its all over. it was a really fruitful studio. both for the collaborative learning we did for the first half...all group crits all the time....and for the insight and direction of our prof.

    it seems a long way from interim review

    yet some of the criticism would have been nice to have had sooner in the process. interim review wasn't so helpful for me, and then this final review was just plain cryptic so though i enjoyed the studio and feel like i learned a bunch, the final product..........ummmmmm, i dunno.

    among our final reviewers were george suyama from suyamapetersondeguchi, and lead pencil studio were also reviewers. after the structures exam wednesday morning(ick) we're done until march 28th (yay). when i'll try to make another attempt at regularly posting.

    looking forward to the future, the thesis ball has begun rolling. we had a big meeting last week about understanding and declaring the independent (more research based) or studio option (more design based) for thesis next year. its amazing that we need to start thinking about this now. i think i will try to begin pre-thesis in the summer....for the 'independent' option. the studio option seems to have criteria that i'm not so interested in being bound to....for instance btw 15,000-50,000 sf. i'm interested in doing something very small, or a series of very small, creatively detailed, "folly" type structures. relating somehow to critical perspectives/experiences on/in space related to identity. we'll see where that takes me.

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