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    a taste of architecture hall

    By yamani
    Feb 9, '05 1:25 AM EST

    corny name i know. but this is where our studios are held. there's a wonderful building across the street Gould Hall where all our other classes are held. i'll get some pics tomorrow.


    since i missed the first month of the school project i now feel compelled to backtrack and think of some things of note happening at UW such as:

    2002 Pritzker prize winner, Glenn Murcutt, teaching a tectonic studio, which i have heard nothing but good things about.

    Tadao Ando comes on the 19th as a part of Praxis, our lecture series

    i should think of an exaustive summary of things of note...

    anyway, tonight was "pro-prac". me being me, i opted for the "ethical dilemmas in architectural practice" option. we've gotten all into the "main" (utility, virtue, deontological, social contract) ethical theories and how they can be applied to architecture through case studies. we've even read a little of the dalai lama's ethics and how we might think of those in relationship to architecture and the AIA code of ethics. tonight it was decided that we would as a final project, individually write a code of ethics graphically representing our personal ethics about the practice of archictecture. this is lovely. because i've already thought about my "manifesto" and can take it a step further into practice. i think i will look at some of the ethical theories we did not explore such as feminist ethics, continental and relativist ethics and others

    spring registration starts next friday. i'm excited about this design activism class! i hope i can fit it in.

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