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    tent city charrette

    By yamani
    May 18, '05 1:01 AM EST

    boo. the sleep out would have been tonight if we didn't nix it in favor of putting our limited energy and resources toward the tent-city design charette on saturday which was a tremendous success. the issue is their kitchen tent.
    image the floor is a major issue. it is wood and sits directly on the ground...often in mud. its unstable. it has to be sturdy enough to stand for 90 days but portable enough to move that often too. anyway, teach said it was one of the best charrette's he ever seen. imagine that. one of the tent city residents said, no one had involved them in the process before instead of designing for them, we were designing with them and they said they wanted to come back for the build! (this summer, pending some donations!) i have to get some closer up pictures of the 3 groups alternative proposals to post. but a taste of what went down:
    .imageimage i can't really show people...not TC residents anyway w/o permission.

    i realize that tent cities are somewhat controversial even for homelessness activists. but emergency shelter is a major issue. there have to be some temporary immediate options in addition to the shelters and low cost housing.

    cameron sinclair will be here next week, we hope he'll visit our design activism class. and hold one of his guerilla lectures somewhere!

    i'm a lunatic for taking 5 classes and in addition to "auditing" (which i actually have been TAKING) design activism quarters are evil. we are in school for another 2 weeks! 10 weeks is great when you have a sucky class...but for studio it just doesn't seem like enough time. but then i'm the luno who's taking 8 million classes.

    i'm excited about finishing up architecture in the landscape class with my case study on andrea zittel's pocket property project . i'm really interested in artists that use the language of architecture to subvert traditional notions


    • Bryan Finoki

      That's cool, thanks for the update Yamani. Glad to hear it was so effective. Cameron will have some good insights to be sure, and I bet the people of TC have the best of all. I'm curious what other projects your teach is examining in your design activism class. is there anything online I can read about the class?

      Looking forward to the next dispatch.

      May 18, 05 3:23 am

      'Design activism.'

      How come they didn't offer classes like that when I was going through design school?

      Anyway, good stuff. Is there a way to see more of what's going on with this project?

      May 18, 05 10:00 pm

      sorry, i guess i abandoned my school blog and i didn't check the box to be emailed when people commented...finals just ended for me friday and i haven't looked at anything really in as you can see...several weeks!...anyway i just realized that you asked for more info about the class. this is the link above...i think he will be posting our case-studies and such online at some point in the summer. we will be working on building stuff throughout the summer. i'm not sure if this school blog will continue since the school year is over and i wasn't so great about keeping up with this anyway. but i will undoubtedly post things on my personal blog throughout the summer ( i am drafting a sort of "final" blog entry with a few more pictures and commentary on the project and the quarter and UW in general. hopefully i'll get that up by wednesday.
      Jun 13, 05 11:37 am

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