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    By Jose Luis
    Feb 18, '05 7:08 AM EST

    Hi everyone.

    After my long-term absence, I'm back, ready to start with the thing. For the first, I though it could be interesting to start with some pictures of where I study.

    I'm currently ending studies in the ETSAS in Seville (Spain). For more info about the name itself and the 'school' naming, come here. The building is at the beginning of the scientific Campus of Reina Mercedes, to the South of the city, and is part of a three buildings complex: the Architecture Faculty itself, 'Aparejadores' (short architectural study, more related to construction) and a brand-new shared lecture halls building. Only the Architecture building holds around 2500 students (!), one of those, me.

    Take a look at some pics:

    Image of the Architecture building from the North. The small white block is the library.

    The same building, from the main entrance (East).

    The shared lecture halls. Altough difficult to appreciate in the picture, the glacing is multi-coloured, in a pretty dutch style.

    The same from closer, with the stair cases in front.


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