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    [introducing myself]

    By Jose Luis
    Jan 24, '05 5:54 AM EST

    Hi everyone here!

    I was recently approved to participate in the school-blog project so I'm writting this first introduction entry to say that I'm here ready to start with it.

    I'm still messing around with final exams and works (just about to finish winter semester), so you'll have to wait a little bit until I can post something really interesting.

    Until then, may texture pattern your life.





    • MADianito

      Hey Jose Luis, would be cool if u can explain us what E.T.S.A.S. means (i first thought it was Salamanca)...and also...u know any good of these as u call them "some local underground-editions (fanzine you call it?)" but related to architecture??

      sorry i would make my question clearer.... Algun "fanzine" de arquitectura en España?

      im interested in reading them and/or contribute too...bests

      Jan 24, 05 7:39 am
      Jose Luis

      Hi Mariano.

      For the first, 'E.T.S.A.S.' means literally 'Superior Technical Architecture School of Seville' (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla), as we in Spain use the name 'school' (apart from regular primary schools and stuff) also for technical faculties belonging to the University. For example, Architecture, Engineering, Telecomunication, Aeronautics, all of those are named 'schools', and Laws, Languages, Economics, History and so on would be called 'faculties'. I know you know it, but just wanted to explain everyone. You study in the ETSAB, don't you?

      Regarding the fanize affair, it's a shame, but I've never heard of any architecture-related fanzine around, and would be cool to know of it. I've only written in general arts-concerned ones, where one could also easily find architecture stuff inside, but not as exclusive. Here's my favourite:


      Let me know if you find anything interesting about this.


      Feb 18, 05 6:42 am

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