E.T.S.A.S. - Seville (Spain)

  • [kiu]

    By Jose Luis
    Feb 12, '06 6:57 AM EST

    Here they go, some pictures of a Opera Scenery we had to design.

    My selected one was 'Kiu', which is a dramatic story of four wise people who society has decided to be crazy, and who are put into a train to be taken to a hell-like mental hospital.

    For sure, we have all eventually felt like driving that train...

    First Act
    Second Act
    Third Act
    Fourth Act
    Fifth Act
    Sixth Act

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  • [back alive]

    By Jose Luis
    Feb 3, '06 11:53 AM EST

    I've been so long without you I try not to think about you But I do... I know that I'm to blame I got no right to call your name But I do, I do... I'm so hurt To think that you'd lie to me... I'm hurt Way down deep inside of me... Artist: Bent Album: The Everlasting Blink Year: 2003 Title: So Long... View full entry

  • [the ETSAS place]

    By Jose Luis
    Feb 18, '05 7:08 AM EST

    Hi everyone. After my long-term absence, I'm back, ready to start with the thing. For the first, I though it could be interesting to start with some pictures of where I study. I'm currently ending studies in the ETSAS in Seville (Spain). For more info about the name itself and the 'school' naming... View full entry

  • [apologies]

    By Jose Luis
    Feb 18, '05 3:24 AM EST

    Hi there! Sorry for being so absent, but recently ended exams and stuff, so I promise to upload something interesesting really soon. I'll be back in a while! JLX View full entry

  • [introducing myself]

    By Jose Luis
    Jan 24, '05 5:54 AM EST

    Hi everyone here! I was recently approved to participate in the school-blog project so I'm writting this first introduction entry to say that I'm here ready to start with it. I'm still messing around with final exams and works (just about to finish winter semester), so you'll have to wait a little... View full entry

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