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    By r.s
    Feb 10, '05 10:59 PM EST
    imagePlease refer to the above photograph for an image of my friends Matt and Tina. Matt currently has "TWO STRIKES" declared upon him by his studio professor (after one pin up, (nice work matt)). I have attributed this largely to his outside committments which include, among others, spending nearly an entire day organizing and designing a poster for a newly started film series and building fire breathing cardboard godzillas which attack Tinas finely crafted site studies. Tina sits next to Matt and has turned me onto to the joys of Gummy Vitamins. My new three hole punch, which I use to organize an insane amount of reading for Beth Meyers wonderful landscape theory class, the quotation below, and the gummy vitamins are the THREE THINGS which I am supremely confident about in my life right now.

    "if I cannot free myself from obsession with the end-product, how can I advocate the revelations latent in the process of making things? Without freedom from the tyranny of the object, how can I attain the measure of independence necessary to join with others, who, in the making things, conquer their existence in the first place by their own efforts? If I cannot free myself, how can I advocate the freedom of others, in whichever terms they might choose?" image

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