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    By r.s
    Feb 2, '05 4:17 PM EST

    with the landscape program up for re-accreditation, the school has been papered with process. It looks fantastic. Sadly all the work has to come down within the week. It is nonetheless inspiring (and somewhat bewildering (where does all this stuff come from?)) to see the scope, variety, and excellence of the projects and thoughts presented. I attended the summary report this morning but learned little. The work is impressive, the school needs more diversity, and the challenge of combining landscape and architecture under one department needs to be continually evaluated with respect to the schools mission statement.imageimageimageimage


    • RoBBie

      That look school New York Tech is also up for re-accreditation this semester. A couple of students and I have to put it together over spring break any suggestions?

      Feb 4, 05 7:10 pm

      nice pics moods

      Feb 6, 05 3:07 pm

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