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  • them is fightin words

    By r.s
    Sep 16, '05 2:30 PM EST

    An open letter was recently submitted to the Board of Visitors, University Administration, and University Community undersigned by a number of architecture faculty at the University of Virginia. I won't paraphrase their comments or provide individual opinion but will suggest that everyone read the letter. This discussion has exposed the school of architecture to new audiences and engaged the community (micro and macro) in a lively debate.

    (and its making me think that maybe I shouldn't have laser cut those ionic columns and palladian facade for my studio project...I should have cut them out with a blade just like T.J. would have)

    seriously folks, has anyone seen the columns and pergola on the new basketball stadium at UVA?


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  • time machines, romanticism, and when architecture turns evil.

    By r.s
    Feb 25, '05 1:12 AM EST

    A few things that have caught my attention recently. Embedded in the humor of the photos are however some serious considerations. 1. the destructive nature of architecture school on ones personal life...when architecture turns evil (credit to Suhoon Bae for the study model) 2. the romance for rust... View full entry

  • an invitation to pretend

    By r.s
    Feb 21, '05 10:20 PM EST

    In light of my current interests in better understanding the role of landscape architecture at UVa as well as its broader relationship to architecture in general, my friend Anne invited my to be a part of her mid-program review today. Promoting further guise, she suggested I provide any critical... View full entry


    By r.s
    Feb 10, '05 10:59 PM EST

    Please refer to the above photograph for an image of my friends Matt and Tina. Matt currently has "TWO STRIKES" declared upon him by his studio professor (after one pin up, (nice work matt)). I have attributed this largely to his outside committments which include, among others, spending nearly an... View full entry

  • re-accreditation

    By r.s
    Feb 2, '05 4:17 PM EST

    with the landscape program up for re-accreditation, the school has been papered with process. It looks fantastic. Sadly all the work has to come down within the week. It is nonetheless inspiring (and somewhat bewildering (where does all this stuff come from?)) to see the scope, variety, and... View full entry

  • The Great Salt Lake and back to studio

    By r.s
    Jan 27, '05 12:55 AM EST

    Is Robert Smithson God? Less than two weeks into the semester and his name and work has been referenced more times than I can count. Spiral Jetty has become some kind of beacon for an ethical pursuit of landscape /architecture. (word is that he was also a voracious science fiction reader) In any... View full entry

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