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    MIT starts Spring

    By fuzzyalmighty
    Feb 6, '05 10:14 PM EST

    Come one, come all, this is the blog to know and love. Step up and witness an amazing transformation of perception and intention. Join in and discover architecture through the eys of a complete loon. That's me. I plan to use this blog to sort out the things i'm seeing hearing learning fearing and engage with all you nice folks to figure some schtuff out. In return, I solemnly swear to share with you all grit and glitter of studying at MIT and stick my neck out for all the archistudents who hate to admit that the word "liminal" brings to mind a green popsicle.

    I signed up for this blog project last August and then promptly fell down the deep dark hole that was my first MArch semester and truly my first experience with architecture as concept/practice/process. My apologies to everyone at MIT for my (lack of) representation. Just you wait though...

    I'll talk about the first term a little bit later. Non-linear narrative never hurt anyone. Keeps people coming back. A potent architectural concept as well.
    This past week started with the pagent of registration day (1/31) followed quickly by the studio lottery presentations. As I think is common in most schools, MIT profs show and tell the ideas and projects they want to explore/proclaim during the term. I love this (but I'm a sucker for lectures). I just sit and jot down precedents, concepts, and big-words-i-never-heard-before and then check them out later when I'm procrastinating from my own studio work. The Level I MArch curriculum is fixed so I can't enter the lottery, but it's a great introduction to many of the faculty.

    Professor for Spring term? Fernando P. Domeyko


    more on the studio set up and our first project soon.

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