Archinect - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (William) 2017-08-22T11:06:46-04:00 make your own topology? fuzzyalmighty 2005-02-25T14:11:02-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>ooooh, a double entry today.<br><br> I've spent a good few hours trying to figure out how to make a point curve a certain way in Rhino. I always seem to want to do the exact thing that falls in the cracks between two different tools. Can anyone recommend a good Rhino resource? books or advanced tutorials? <br><br> Script libraries would be cool too.<br><br> We finished up the INstallation project for studio (photos are STILL on their way) and the final pinup involved proposing a final version (though unrealized). I focused on making a very clear proposal, at the expense of my presentation and the actual design in the three days we had to do it. Of course I got banged for that, but it could have been worse. Our representation course (required for all Level I's) is focusing on diagraming (Tufte, et all.) and is by design running extremely parallel to studio. It's all about parametrics folks and the final diagram presentation of The Intervention is Monday. I'll post what I come up with then. It's...</p> Admin. commitment fuzzyalmighty 2005-02-25T13:51:48-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Interesting comments on the site about MIT's head search. Mostly quiet murmurs about it around here. Some student reps in the search have expressed surprise, but definately were not privy to all things impacting the decision. <br> A lot of the debate seems to have come down to commitment. <br> Taking E.O.Moss comment that the head of SCI-Arc "doesn't do a goddamn thing" with a grain of salt, how much can an institution expect from its faculty when a portion of their value is embedded in active practice? I found MIT profs to be extremely accessible even while balancing projects around the globe. It's extremely valuable to see practice in action.<br> But teaching is very different from managing. Administration bring contacts, resources, and reputations to bear on hiring new faculty and creating new programs. But that's only if their actively pursueing these options. How much time does it take to form and enact a VISION for a program? Even if that vision is simply to effectively maint...</p> Phenomena (Do Doo do doo do) fuzzyalmighty 2005-02-17T23:38:52-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:02-04:00 <p>What's been keeping this Level I busy in the two weeks since his last posting? Nothin but the two usual culprits: studio and everything else.<br><br> Fernando Domeyko first project was to create an installation along the topic of INHABITATION. one week to find a site and create something, critique, then another week to refine and rebuild. The big push was to see phenomena. Light, sound, gravity, etc. THe first round saw everything from trace paper labryinths, to inflatable tarps, snow walls, and an illusion of a hole in a dark hallway drawn with graphite. I took a piano box that had been living in the hallway of the old architecture building (now the Visual Arts Department space where the MIT health and safety gestapo rarely tread) and tried to address "something about inhabitation" without documenting it. I'm trying to post pictures, but my network drive appears to be down. I'll add them tomorrow.<br><br> First attempt was absolute crap. subtlety was lost to proportion (though big to me...</p> MIT starts Spring fuzzyalmighty 2005-02-06T22:14:01-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:02-04:00 <p>Come one, come all, this is the blog to know and love. Step up and witness an amazing transformation of perception and intention. Join in and discover architecture through the eys of a complete loon. That's me. I plan to use this blog to sort out the things i'm seeing hearing learning fearing and engage with all you nice folks to figure some schtuff out. In return, I solemnly swear to share with you all grit and glitter of studying at MIT and stick my neck out for all the archistudents who hate to admit that the word "liminal" brings to mind a green popsicle.<br><br> I signed up for this blog project last August and then promptly fell down the deep dark hole that was my first MArch semester and truly my first experience with architecture as concept/practice/process. My apologies to everyone at MIT for my (lack of) representation. Just you wait though... <br><br> I'll talk about the first term a little bit later. Non-linear narrative never hurt anyone. Keeps people coming back. A poten...</p> Orienting within Orientation fuzzyalmighty 2004-09-03T17:27:38-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Whew, this is kind of test... much like the rest of this week. It feels like orientation is kind of a misnomer as all the info intended to ground me just pointed me in 18 new directions....</p>