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Sep '04 - Feb '05

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    Phenomena (Do Doo do doo do)

    By fuzzyalmighty
    Feb 17, '05 11:38 PM EST

    What's been keeping this Level I busy in the two weeks since his last posting? Nothin but the two usual culprits: studio and everything else.

    Fernando Domeyko first project was to create an installation along the topic of INHABITATION. one week to find a site and create something, critique, then another week to refine and rebuild. The big push was to see phenomena. Light, sound, gravity, etc. THe first round saw everything from trace paper labryinths, to inflatable tarps, snow walls, and an illusion of a hole in a dark hallway drawn with graphite. I took a piano box that had been living in the hallway of the old architecture building (now the Visual Arts Department space where the MIT health and safety gestapo rarely tread) and tried to address "something about inhabitation" without documenting it. I'm trying to post pictures, but my network drive appears to be down. I'll add them tomorrow.

    First attempt was absolute crap. subtlety was lost to proportion (though big to me initially, my "experiential space" dissapeared against the length of a gargantuan hallway.)

    My second attempt found me harrnessing views, sounds, light, and space. Can you find my focus? good luck. I'm trying to sort out the difference between "creating space which explores the harnessing and direction of forces" as compared to "harnessing and directing forces to explore the creation of space". If anyone has thoughts on straightening out a floppy dichotomy speak out.

    I really enjoyed the scale of this project and how I could think both realistically and imaginatively about space, structure, and subject. I've had a hard time up until now convincing my brain that models and drawings are "real" and worth a concentrated effort. On some level almost any decision made while making a model seems frivolous or pretentious. Or perhaps not enough so. Now that I've actually caused architectural effects in real, inhabitable space (though my success is certainly debateable) that model doesn't seem so silly any more.

    Wow so much to tell. I'm really going to pick up my posts.

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