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    Week 3 (right?)

    By George Showman
    Feb 1, '05 12:46 AM EST
    Here is my stack of books I'm reading or browsing or trying to remember the contents of for studio. I'm not sure that Ed Keller advocates all of these; some are my own additions to his reading list. Tonight I'm reading the top book, Fernandez-Galliano's "Fire and Memory". It's quite enjoyable, gets into a history of science and draws parallels in 20th-century architecture. But I'm only forty pages in.

    What's new? We are still in an absorption phase in studio, which is fine since the material to absorb is very interesting and Ed has been away for a few days. I want to have something like a thesis for the project for Wednesday when we next meet, plus perhaps a diagram of some kind describing the systems into which I would like to intervene.

    I'm not ready yet to coherently describe this studio, but scale is
    definitely going to be a major issue. To me, the challenge is to make the presence of 'world system'-scale operations evident to the individual inhabitant of a city. I'm also starting to think I might be proposing at least part of my project at an urban scale; I think cities and homes should grow around centers of information, where infrastructure and codes of conduct enforce a public place for data. Perhaps the home of the future is dipolar, with an energy source (the hearth of yore) and a data source.

    In other news, I got into the advanced curtain wall class, and it's going to be ridiculously good. I also went to my first figure/life drawing class ever, outside of school, at the Art Students' League of New York. It was quite good. Nice to get into the pleasure of drawing, the extremely rapid dialogue between the eye and the hand.

    Finally, a thought: Archinect should have some kind of form we bloggers all can fill out with the following information:

    Most commonly used 2D vector software:
    Most commonly used 2D image doctoring software:
    Most commonly used 2D layout software:

    Most commonly used 3D modeling software:
    Most commonly used plugins or renderers:
    Any scripting/coding?:
    Other 3D software used and for what:

    Percentage of work done in 3D/2D/hand drawing/hand models:

    What else should there be? Does this seem like a good idea? Discuss.

    I just think this would be a way to give each other, and prospective
    students, a sense of the various craft practices at our schools, which are sometimes independent of the ideology associated with each school.


    • crillywazzy

      damn george... how can you manage that reading? that stuff is dense as it is, but to be working through it for speed too?

      Feb 1, 05 4:12 am
      David Cuthbert

      good reading - i wish more students in studio would read as much (and not just look at the pretty pictures)

      Feb 3, 05 12:06 pm

      i agree. that kind of notation about our methodologies would be useful, for me and my peers in undergrad.

      Feb 6, 05 12:43 pm
      Derek Lindner

      The 'craft practice' questions are good idea, but the way they're phrased has a certain, shall we say, bias--I think there are still may people whose fave 2d vector software is rotring, 2d image doctoring software is staedtler mars plastic, and 2d layout software is olfa and super 77.

      I personally haven't even mastered one program each in your categories, let alone developed enough familiarity with multiple ones to have a favorite--but someday I hope to.

      Feb 14, 05 11:22 am

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