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    lets try this again

    By joe
    Sep 29, '04 4:40 PM EST

    ok trying again. a studio description and link to the studio description

    the site is along both River St. and Bay street in the downtown historic district. what makes the project interesting, among other things, is the drastic elevation change from bay street down to river street. the building we design also has to be acessible to both streets. One photo shows the three different elevations down in the site, 2 of which being alleys to serve the bars/restaurants/stores that are there. we have to leave thos intact and build catwalks for people to acess the upper Bay street. We are supposed to follow local historic code, but are allowed to stretch the rules here and there if we have a good reason to. all in all I thin kthis is a really interesting project, with a scope only limited by us. The professor has basically said we can stick to just our site or we could go as far as to redo the riverfront, or even more than that. basically the program is just a starting point not a set point of rules to follow, as it is with a lot of studio projects.


    • Josh Russell

      hey joe-
      i saw the quote from colin rowe and also see you will have readings from colin rowe. i am painfully aware of this guy every single day. my studio professor was an 'apprentice' of colin rowe. both my studio professor and colin rowe are full of verbal sludge. just a warning. stick w/ rem.

      josh from iowa state

      Oct 4, 04 11:42 pm  · 

      haha, yeah I found colin really tough to read. I like what I have read of delerious new york, which is most of it. I like rems way of writing, and the words he uses. I find myself laughing when I read it.

      Oct 5, 04 10:29 pm  · 

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