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  • our project II handout

    By joe
    Oct 9, '04 3:40 PM EST

    well we have gotten farter in the project, and are now getting ready for the midterm pinup of our urban approach and building concept.

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  • lets try this again

    By joe
    Sep 29, '04 4:40 PM EST

    ok trying again. a studio description and link to the studio descriptionstudio_description1.pdf the site is along both River St. and Bay street in the downtown historic district. what makes the project interesting, among other things, is the drastic elevation change from bay street down to river... View full entry

  • finally have a few pictures

    By joe
    Sep 25, '04 8:50 PM EST

    well I got a little time so I figured I'd post up some images. I guess I'll start with the labs/classroom/studio pics. pretty self explanatory These pictures were all on the third floor of the building. This is the 4th year floor, along with some classrooms and some interior design studios. here... View full entry

  • ok ok ok... soon

    By joe
    Sep 15, '04 4:54 PM EST

    well school started up today. just had one class today and the other two on tues and thursdays. Taking environmental control II, urban design studio/studio IV, and 20th century arch. should keep me busy at least. I'll post back with the results of our studio lottery, and some descriptions of them... View full entry

  • Evacuate!

    By joe
    Sep 2, '04 11:24 PM EST

    well not really, or yet I should say. This being my first entry I'll keep it short and simple so I can edit it and learn the whole deal of this. Hurricane Francis is bearing down on florida and is expected to bring heavy rains, etc up my way in savannah, so I guess my going home for a week... View full entry

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