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    finally have a few pictures

    By joe
    Sep 25, '04 8:50 PM EST

    well I got a little time so I figured I'd post up some images.

    I guess I'll start with the labs/classroom/studio pics. pretty self explanatory
    These pictures were all on the third floor of the building. This is the 4th year floor, along with some classrooms and some interior design studios.
    here are some pictures of the library and theater.
    thats all the pictures I have for now. some general info about the program now. The architecture program is a 4 year bfa in arch., with a 5 year M.arch. As a whole the program is well rounded with some really interesting professors. The professors are a really great thing about the program. Most of them go out of the way to help you in any way possible, but moreso some are down to earth and on our level rather than acting like an elitist. I'd say the student to instructor relationship is very good. speaking of professors we hired a couple Yale alums over the summer. I'm taking one now and have been impressed with the level of dedication shown. The standards of the program have risen and hopefully the level of work produced will be increased, or else ya get the boot, hahaha. so far after only a week and a half I think everyone is pleased with our new faculty. Over the past few years the students have driven the program to focus on sustainability in design, and we now actually have 8 LEED accredited professors. The average year population for architecture is a little over 100. I think my 4th year has about 110 give or take a few. The third year is also about the same size.
    The School of building arts is housed in eichberg hall in downtown savannah. The whole SBA has around 1000 people between arch, ID, and HP. growing pretty quick.

    If some of you dont know, I guess most wouldnt, the school is spread all over downtown with something like 60 academic buildings. oh yeah... a litle info about the library... Called the jen library- 3 floors, several computer labs, pretty extensive architecture section that is on two floors. I have found the library to be pretty addequet. We also have a very good periodical section, with a wide variety of magazines, and archives.


    • Metaphoracle

      It's broad daylight outside and there isn't a single person in any of your 14 posted pics. What's the deal?

      Sep 26, 04 1:42 am  · 

      haha, yeah I realized that too. I'm gonna say its because school just got going, and there isnt too much going on. although if I took more pics today I bet half the students would be there. There usually are, but we just started up.

      Sep 26, 04 11:33 am  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      Joe> I am really looking forward to your experience at SCAD. I loved that place, and for some reason always feel compelled to stop by Savannah to check out how Eichberg and SCAD in general is doing nowadays.
      BTW: are you doing a double major? Back when i went there people used to do such combinations.
      Good luck...and if you surf I bet Tybee must be pumping some decent surf.
      have a nice day.

      Sep 27, 04 6:28 pm  · 

      you need to see this website on scad.

      your campus computers will block this website. so, go off campus.

      it is the "real" story about scad. make sure you read through everything on this site.

      Sep 28, 04 11:25 am  · 

      fdavid-I have heard a lot of possitve things about savannah, and the school. I myself used to despise the town, but I think now that I have grown up in the past few years I am really starting to appreciate the city, and even more the school. last year was the best year of school I've ever had, and I am really looking forward to this year. between reading groups, extra activities, and studio, etc I think I will come out of this year with a good stance on many things that I dont necessarily have a grasp on now.
      -no I'm not double majoring, at the time I really didnt think it would be feasable for me, and I guess still dont, but there are always possibilities after scad.

      uugghhhh thanks yo. I guess. every school has its issues, a lot of things have changed in a short time, most towards the better. and its not like I'm a newbie to this school or program or anything. I can tell you all the "real" stories you want to hear about htis school, and I sure wouldnt judge anything by reading a damn website. as has been said before school is what you make of it.

      Sep 28, 04 8:02 pm  · 

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