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    Why Architecture

    By tatianahajjar
    Apr 12, '21 12:36 PM EST

    Studying to be an architect is one of the hardest majors of them all. According to many scholarly sources, Architecture is, if not #1, one of the top 5 hardest majors one can choose to study. As a second-year architecture student I can confirm based on my own experience. But what makes it all worth it is how amazing the process is. Studying, reading books, memorization are all the things I dislike and that is why architecture was such an appeal to me. It is an art and with art comes patience, time and a lot of hard work but the good thing is that one never has to go through it alone.

    Being in architecture school, especially a predominately architecture school, everyone on campus and around you are going through the same thing you are. We all relate to one another and help one another. You are never alone at an architecture school literally. You can be at studio at any time of the day or night and there will always be someone there. What the beautiful thing about architecture is that is it a whole community, a whole family. You eat together, pass out together, not shower together and at the end of the day these are the people that will still be there till the end. Not only do the people make it all worth it but also the feeling one gets after a review. To see your work posted up on a wall and feeling accomplished is one of the best feelings ever. The feelings of finishing a building you designed all by yourself is the best feeling ever because you did that. The end of my first year I design a whole hostel, and the portfolio I put together still gives me butterflies because I honestly couldn’t be prouder. Being an architecture student, you don’t want to aimless do your work just to pass the class, you do it because that work is a reflection of yourself. One’s work is their heart and soul poured in. this profession and major teaches young architects to be mindful of their work because it is a piece of them and will be a reflection of them always.   Leaving one’s own mark on the world is architecture. You are leaving your heart and soul for the whole world to see, for public eyes. That is the beauty of it all, people will see your work and have their opinions on it, and it will be seen. Architects have a chance to leave pieces of them anywhere they want and that is why I want to pursue this. Whether I end up designing buildings all over the world or to just designing people’s dream homes, I will always be proud of my work and know that no matter what I do I have left my mark and that makes up for all the endless work and long nights at architecture school worth it.

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