• The Future of Me

    Tatiana Hajjar
    Apr 26, '21 2:03 PM EST

    The path to becoming a successful architect is a long path, with so many ideas and journeys along the way. When it comes to my personal future in this field, I want to do so much. Architecture is my excuse to leave my mark on the world and travel. Growing up, I watched my dad construct buildings all over California and in the Middle East. He got to travel and sometimes my family will go with him and watch all his hard work come together. He would show me the buildings the architects would design, and I fell in love with that. The architects would design the most amazing designs that ran along a building or design the most beautiful homes. I thought it was so amazing to see one’s work come alive. That is when I knew I wanted my work to come alive and inspire people. I want people to look at my work and be in awe and find the beauty about it. My sister is an engineer and a dream of ours is to work together and be the ultimate duo. I don’t want to let her down or our dream. This is what motivates me to get pass the hardest times in architecture school; we all know how hard those times could get. I push myself every day to create the future I dream of.

    My future consists of taking a gap year to strictly work full-time, preferably in another country. I know I want to create a career in Los Angeles but there is too much beautiful architecture around the world that deserves to be seen. I want to explore another culture, experience my profession in another country and at the same time experience a new life. I hope my career takes me places; don't we all. I want to be able to travel around the world for my work, not being confined by the borders of California. 

    In the next year or so, I want to start looking for a job in architecture. I want to get all the experience I can get and start building connections. I want to graduate from Woodbury which I am on the path to achieving; then maybe get my master’s somewhere in the East Coast. Thinking this far ahead is tricky but it is needed. It scary to see so many young amazing architects around me and it does become intimidating at times. I do want to be successful, I do want my own business, but it is hard work and tough and that scares me. I have the right people in my life that I know will help me. it is crazy to see how much there is out there when it comes to architecture. I don’t know where architecture will take me whether ill strictly work in residential or commercial or work on skyscrapers but all sound amazing to me.

    Overall, I have put some thought into my future, but I was so unexperienced and basically clueless once I began my journey. Everyday I’m learning and getting closer to build the future I have in store for myself.

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