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    Student design-build project wins innovation honors

    By martig
    Oct 11, '16 4:47 PM EST

    A house built by University of Oregon students is being honored with the 2016 Golden Key Award for Most Innovative Homeownership project in the state. The house, constructed during a three-term class called OregonBILDS, is part of a multi-year effort to build affordable, sustainable houses for income-qualified buyers in Eugene. This is the third of nine homes that UO students will build on land donated by the Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County, Oregon. Read more


    • makingspace

      it's amazing how a ranch house with a sloped roof is awarded as being "innovative."  it's essentially a highly insulated house that incorporates a few passive technologies.  while it is better than a typical tract house, there's nothing really remarkable about it.  in terms of affordability it's also a loser.  a single family household is more resource intense and expensive to operate than a multi-family building.  

      sure you could criticize me and say that multi-family is ugly or that people want single family dwellings (it's the american dream right?), but I refer you to the triple deckers in Boston or bungalow court apartments in Los Angeles.  both are beautifully designed in terms of proportion and detailing and are affordable rentals for families.  

      Oct 12, 16 5:21 pm  · 

      "...affordable rentals for families."

      "Innovative Homeownership project"

      Apples. Oranges.

      Apr 20, 17 7:28 pm  · 

      The lot is only designed for single-family homes.

      Apr 20, 17 5:40 pm  · 

      Go big or go home.

      May 1, 17 3:08 pm  · 

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