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    Pre cast slab

    By Rory
    Oct 6, '14 5:19 AM EST

    While some students carried on with the exterior cladding, others began building the formwork of a pre cast concrete slab. This slab will form the floor of our bathroom and laundry which will be built as a 3d module off site. This module will then be taken to site and connected with the main slab poured in-situ. The boxing has to be build up off the ground to allow access for transport and plumbing. The boxing also needs to be braced heavily to ensure that the weight of the concrete does not warp it, as well as forming a dimensionally accurate, plumb and square concrete slab.


    • drums please, Fab?

      could you explain a little more what this slab is?

      its the floor but you're casting it off site then transporting and installing?  what's the weight of each pre-cast piece?  is this a countertop (often poured like this) but you said it's the floor?

      any details or sketches as to what this is?

      thanks - I'm a big fan of concrete and am genuinely curious!

      Oct 6, 14 2:50 pm  · 

      It might make a lot more sense if you actually made your posts as a genuine blog and not a tweet every time you do something, this way we know what the hell you are doing comprehensively. What kind of boards you using for the form work there?

      Oct 7, 14 7:54 am  · 

      Hi Frac, Thanks for your question.

      The pre cast slab we are making is the floor for the bathroom and laundry of the house. This pre cast slab will have the walls build on it off site, it will have the plumbing done off site and all internal work completed off site. It will then be transported to site and connected with the large slab that will be poured on site that forms the rest of the building.

      We are doing this work off site to reduce the amount of sub contractors on site, reduce the time on site and to achieve a higher quality of finish by working in more controlled conditions.

      As for the weight of the slab, there will be 5 tonnes of concrete plus the weight of steel. This weight will increase as we raise walls and install fixtures.

      As for images I will upload a new post with a plan and details of the connections between the two slabs.

      Hope this answered your questions.

      Oct 9, 14 10:25 pm  · 

      Hi olaf,

      Sorry if the post are not comprehensive enough I will try add more detail in my posts.

      As for the boards being used they are a standard 18mm formwork ply. The plywood has a waterproof resin impregnated finish to achieve a high quality surface on the concrete.

      Hope this answers your question.

      Oct 9, 14 10:28 pm  · 

      Hey Rory thank you for answering Frac and my questions...maybe when done do a lengthy summary of everything....

      I understand no one has an attention space pass 30 seconds, but if someone is interested like Frac or I it would help to tell us a little more and give us the big picture.  Not that you told me about the waterproof resin I am looking forward to the photos of the concretes surface.

      Oct 9, 14 10:40 pm  · 

      Thanks for the feedback will take on board and perhaps offer some more in depth information.

      As always if you are interested feel free to ask questions and I'll be happy to answer as best I can.

      Oct 9, 14 10:46 pm  · 

      Hi Frac,

      I have tried to upload some details of the connections between the pre cast slab bathroom slab and the main slab poured on site but this blog will not accept pdfs. This means the detail I have uploaded cannot be read easily.

      Therefore I can do a quick sketch detail for you of the connection between the two slabs.

      I will upload this shortly.


      Oct 9, 14 11:15 pm  · 

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