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    Frida Figueroa
    May 3, '21 2:56 PM EST

    I remember that as kid people would always ask that question of what I wanted to be when we grew up as if by the age of nine we have any idea of what we wanted to do in the future. Somehow I'm finishing my third year in architecture school, something that as a kid i would never imagine pursuing. I now realize that all the small choices I made have led me to what I am now by pursuing the little things that caught my interest. 

    Coming into architecture school i had no idea what i was getting myself into, i knew that's what i wanted to study at that time. I thought that I was just learning how to design simple buildings and make plans. I guess i was wrong, I remember in the first year they made us design a cube, we were all confused as to how that related to architecture and what was the purpose of doing it. They taught us  how to think about the space and voids that we without knowing created. Architecture school has taught me so many things and helped me develop a different way of thinking that I can incorporate into my designs.

    When you're in school they teach everything you need to know about the field you are majoring in because they have a guide to do so, but the one thing that they miss to treach is how to use those skills we learn and incorporate into the real world. I'm still a third year architecture student and as of right now i have no idea of what i want to do next, all i know is that after graduating i need to look for a job. But something I. would love to do is explore the world learn more about architecture by actually being present in it. I think when I come to thinking of the future we are all scared in a way of not knowing what will happen but it's also exciting to wonder what we will accomplish.

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  • Keep It Simple!

    Frida Figueroa
    Apr 18, '21 3:32 PM EST

    In this world that we live in, that is full of chaos and a stressful daily routine at home is where we get the chance to relax and take our mind off of the exterior world. Have you ever walked inside a building and felt less worried, less stressed because of the way it was designed? It has been... View full entry

  • Architecture Through a Lens

    Frida Figueroa
    Mar 16, '21 5:24 AM EST

    Architecture is much more than just creating a building. It’s an art form, it's a way to express feelings and emotion. We can see that in some of the most beautifully designed buildings, and how it can truly blur the line between building a box of concrete that would have no connection to the... View full entry

  • The Color of Architecture

    Frida Figueroa
    Feb 26, '21 1:19 AM EST

    Is the lack of diversity a problem in architecture ? In my third year as an architecture student we were given a project in which we had to take into consideration the entire environment into which we were designing. Examining existing architecture in the area, accessibility, the path of the sun... View full entry

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