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    Architecture Through a Lens

    Frida Figueroa
    Mar 16, '21 5:24 AM EST

    Architecture is much more than just creating a building. It’s an art form, it's a way to express feelings and emotion. We can see that in some of the most beautifully designed buildings, and how it can truly blur the line between building a box of concrete that would have no connection to the world and then a building that we could consider piece of artwork that would portray a feeling.


    What is photography? Many people would think that it just takes having the right camera and taking several pictures until you get the right one you like. Well for me, photography is art, it is creating things out of your imagination and soul. Photography is more of an art, of capturing a moment through the lens of a camera creating an image from it. For example, I take photos because it helps me truly connect with the world. Sometimes people fail to notice and appreciate the beauty of the everyday life around them. 

    Don't get me wrong I'm no professional photographer. I don't even own a professional camera but my iPhone is enough to help me capture the moment. One time I got a disposable camera. I would just carry it around with me everywhere I went. I loved it because you can easily shoot random photos without thinking too much about it and get a genuine result. 


    But why photography and how does that relate to architecture? You may ask, photography and architecture have shared a constantly evolving relationship. They are the same, in a way each renders imagination in a tangible form. The more I realize everything from architecture and photography comes down to “vision”. 

    Kerstin Arnemann has become famous for her black and white architectural photography. Her work consists of capturing geometric shapes, lines, and forms and looks for unique perspectives and being able to present us the image of the structures and still make them  appear as if we were seeing them for the first time. I guess it’s kind of similar in a way to what we are also taught in architecture school to always explain our work but it is almost impossible to do so alone. That’s why we create collages of our idea that can allow others to understand, connect and visualize the work.

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    • I laud it this post and common place viewpoint. your best regards weren't behind the spiel girl, I happen to trust u is why. no bother 2 my gray head. just curious how u perform architecture.

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