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    Keep It Simple!

    Frida Figueroa
    Apr 18, '21 3:32 PM EST

    In this world that we live in, that is full of chaos and a stressful daily routine at home is where we get the chance to relax and take our mind off of the exterior world. Have you ever walked inside a building and felt less worried, less stressed because of the way it was designed? It has been proven over the years that the architectural space can affect our perception and can also alter our brain behavior. The simple things like the layout of the space to the material finishes can contribute towards the person's health, mood and productivity. If you work in a space that is well designed you are likely to focus and be more productive. Minimalist architecture has become quite popular over the years as a design philosophy and way of life. More architects nowadays are using simplicity in form, materials and details.

    What is Minimalism? Minimalist architecture is simplicity, it involves the use of simple design elements without ornamentation or decoration the less you have the better.  

    To a minimalist designer, they see material things as of little value or importance compared to what they value most. A minimalist design can give the opportunity of quality time for relationships, time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and spiritual health. Architects such as Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe or Peter Zumthor which think of minimalism as maximum power to architectural space.

    Overall, Minimalist architecture can offer you the time, space, clarity, and freedom to cultivate your true self and  fully engage  with everyday  life. 

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