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Hermitage Modern Contemporary Museum , Moscow Russia

The Hermitage Modern Contemporary Museum (HMCM) now under construction in Moscow, extends the long and remarkable history of the Saint-Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum. This new Museum for Moscow will be the centerpiece of the ZILART initiative, a 65-hectare urban master plan. The 15,000 square meter project sits on the historic site of the former ZIL factory near Moscow's city center. The HMCM building will include galleries and exhibition spaces, public amenities such as a café, restaurant and bookshop, a research center, and a performance hall. The Museum will exhibit work from the State Hermitage Museum’s impressive permanent collection s well as accommodating both traveling and special exhibitions of 20th and 21st-century art. The Museum includes a variety of gallery types, including intimately scaled spaces dedicated to the viewing of early modern paintings and larger, expansive spaces showcasing contemporary art and site-specific installations. The upper floors are specifically designed for performance and technological art as well as areas for new experimental art forms. Between the galleries and the Museum’s 60-meter high glass enclosure, there are light-filled informal spaces that overlook the city. These interstitial spaces provide areas of repose as well as locations for unique site-specific art installations. The establishment of a new Hermitage Museum in Moscow articulates a historic moment in the Museum’s history and contributes to Moscow’s growing reputation as a progressive city of art and culture.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Moscow Russia
Firm Role: Lead Design Architect