Art Meadow

Art Meadow

New York, NY



TREEHAUS is nothing like the static play-sets that litter parks and backyards around the country. Children climb into TREEHAUS from various entries, ladders and escape-hatches, to a magical interior that feels like a top-secret club house. From the interior, children move through the hollowed-core to the lookout nest, then back down through the enormous red fruit that pierce through the canopy, and plummet down the curling slide to the gigantic blades of grass and springy mushrooms around the trunk of TREEHAUS.


The tiny footprint of TREEHAUS unfolds its full potential through a complex series of entrances, passageways and lookouts, layering play space on top of itself to form a dense and engaging experience for children of all ages.

TREEHAUS is also expandable: multiple units can be connected together through rope bridges and hidden canopy tunnels, into sprawing aggregations that fit into any setting, a tight urban center, or large suburban playspace.


Children will love exploring the magical TREEHAUS and let their imaginations run wild. TREEHAUS redefines playground.

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Status: Built
Location: Worldwide