Art Meadow

Art Meadow

New York, NY



Year 2008. Massive multi-national corporations dictate the world’s markets. These corporations are set up as money-making machines, and navigate the new millennium with omnipotence over states, and most certainly over individuals themselves. Individuals form small cells of the corporations, and each person has no real understanding of how their efforts affect the whole. Hierarchy is created in such a way that individuals are blinded to the fact that they are pieces within these mega-constructs, leaving them with an overwhelming sense of ignorance, but a nagging feeling of something colossal looming over their heads. 

Year 2010. Two years into a crippling recession that has reached every corner of the globe. The largest corporations are on their death beds. New laws are passed and stimulus packages keep the corporations on life support, but this is just a temporary fix. A new system begins to emerge, a system called SOCIALOPOLIS, where each person acts as their own corporation, using their talents to create profits, investing in themselves to learn new tools, and following their wants and desires to create new opportunities for themselves. Each person becomes a valuable link in the system by becoming an active participant in their own future.

Year 2013. Office towers are no longer the home of innovation and work. New York City recognizes an unmet demand for a new infrastructure - a social infrastructure. Much like the largest public works of the past; subways, bridges, parks and highways, SOCIALOPOLIS is based on basic human needs and is designed to improve each individuals life. Pieces begin to come together. LIVING needs to be combined with WORKING which is combined with PLAYING to create a 360 social environment. The proximities created by mixing these pieces together short circuits the most important and valuable component of the new economy - connections between people.

Year 2020. The sixth borough of New York City is born. The first section of the wall is completed - SOCIALOPOLIS. Inhabitants flock to move in and set up shop. Before the first section is even complete, new sections break ground in other cities. A new continental system is established, a system based on empowering each individual to live life to their fullest. SOCIALOPOLIS tackles the unbending and often hostile attitude of architecture towards its inhabitants by putting architecture back into the driving seat for social purposes. 

Year 2030. A new social order is reached. Society is elevated by each individual. People continue to operate to their fullest extent by living in an environment that caters to their needs and creates mixing spaces for knowledge transfer. SOCIALOPOLIS becomes the new norm for living and working - the ultimate mixed-use structure.

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Status: Built
Location: Worldwide