Art Meadow

Art Meadow

New York, NY


Bath Haus

Art Meadow was recently commissioned by Bloomberg Business Week to produce a new vision for the corporate bathroom - and reenvision it as a social hub for employees to share.

BATH HAUS liberates employees from the typical corporate bathroom and the drudgeries of a normal work day by creating a new flexibility of public use. The bathroom takes on a whole new meaning as a meeting place. Socializing for even just a few minutes knocks down barriers, encourages collaboration, bridges differences and moves ideas forward.

BATH HAUS is defined by a visually striking form that begs users to interact with it, and in turn, with their fellow employees. The form dramatically rises from the floor as a cluster of colorful protrusions. Closer investigation reveals that the projections replace traditional sinks as hand-washing stations.

BATH HAUS is composed of a high-tech water system that is activated by placing hands close to the surface. Water temperature can be adjusted by simply rotating your hand left or right, like a traditional faucet. Water use is also reduced up to 70% from traditional manual taps, fostering ecological sustainability at the same time.

The bathroom itself is rearranged around a large communal room, with a series of secure powder rooms for individuals that branch off of the main space. The division between Men’s and Women’s bathrooms is dissolved to encourage communication between the whole team.

BATH HAUS proves that fun can be functional.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US