Athens, GR



Α springboard for my involvement with architecture was my love for drawing , sketching and creating .
Through my studies, I came in contact with both the modern and the traditional and historical architecture and figured that the architect is in a constant struggle to express the time and to meet the needs of his era. These elements encouraged and captivated me to continue studying and practicing the architecture.
After graduating from the School of Architecture NTUA, I tried to get as many experiences as I could, travelling and working in very different situations and places. I believe that contact with different cultures and co-operation in different environments ignite the imagination of the architect and promotes creativity.
My involvement with the traditional architecture and historic buildings is something that developed my architectural style. The understanding of historical buildings and the conditions that led to their creation is something that excites the imagination even more and leads the architect to new paths.
I am possessed by team spirit because I understand very well that creation is not a matter of an individual only but involves many different disciplines. Professionalism is something that characterizes me. It’s without doubt that I will work with overzealous to finish any task.


ArchMich Studio, Koropí, GR, Freelancer Architect specialised in restoration

The ArchMich studio was founded in 2009 having as a mission the innovative design. The projects executed until now, mainly include: the planning and construction of blocks of buildings in Athens, the protection of historical monuments combined with advanced architecture and the participation in architectural competitions in Austria and Switzerland.
Duties include: Consulting on restoration and architecture field, preparing of plans to construct new buildings, surveying and planning historical buildings

May 2009 - current

22nd Agency in care of Ancient and prehistoric antiquities, Kastelorizo, GR, Project Architect

The 22nd Agency of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities is part of the Ministry of Culture of Greece. The responsibilities of the agency refer to all matters concerning the discovery, safeguard and protection of Hellenic heritage, their exposition in museums, the conservation, reconstruction, study and publication of the monuments as well as the administrative duty to assure the observance of the legislative decrees concerning the antiquities.
Duties include: Restoration study, archaeological site master plan, organising, planning and supervising the restoration of the Archaeological site of Paleokastro in the island of Kasteloriso.

May 2011 - Aug 2013

National Technical University of Athens, Athens, GR, Teacher assistant

Description: Teacher assistant in the School of Architecture
Duties: Preparing the course schedule of the lesson "Architectural Studio 5". Giving lectures on school construction. Teaching the basic principles of architectural synthesis. Advising the students on their project:" A new school complex on North Suburbs of Athens".

Oct 2010 - May 2011

Architecture studio: Dimitra Nikolaou, Athens, GR, Junior Architect

Description: Dimitra Nikolaou is a teacher of Architecture in the NTUA and the owner of the Architecture studio:Dimitra Nikolaou which is taking part in architecture competitions and projects all over Greece.
Duties: Preparing plans and 3D models for a new project on “Holiday villas in Crete”. 3d modelling of country houses in Sifnos island in order to take part in the exposition of Architecture Institute of Greece.

Dec 2008 - Apr 2009

Acropolis Restoration Service, Athens, GR, Internship

Description: The ARS (Acropolis Restoration Service) supervise and organise every restoration work carried out on the Acropolis of Athens.
Duties: Preparing plans for Ampfiareio, a building on the south of Parthenon that is going to be embanked.

Jan 2007 - Feb 2007

Manipulazione Internazionale, Moscow, RU, Intership

Description: Manipulazione Internazionale is an architecture studio located in Moscow that takes part in many projects and architecture competitions
Duties and achievements included:
- Participating effectively in a joint work with international colleagues
- Getting in touch with Russian Architecture and Art
- Preparing the model of a private house near Moscow
- Supervision on the construction site of the project

Jul 2006 - Aug 2006

Public Power Corporation, Athens, GR, Internship

Description: Public Power Corporation is a public company and the main provider of electricity in Greece
Duties: . I worked in the Department of Constructions preparing autocad plans for a new offices building in Prevesa, Greece

Jul 2005 - Aug 2005


National Technical University of Athens, Athens, GR, PhD, Doctoral Studies

Sep 2012 - current

National Technical University of Athens, Athens, GR, MArch, Postgraduate Program: Protection of Monuments

Oct 2009 - Nov 2011

National Technical University of Athens, Athens, GR, MArch, School of Architecture

Sep 2002 - Oct 2008

Politecnico di Milano, Milano, IT/ Bovisa, Erasmus

Mar 2006 - Jul 2006

Areas of Specialization