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Prada Epicenter

The Prada New York Epicenter project exemplifies all of ARO’s strengths: detailed craftsmanship of materials, excellence in innovative technologies, vibrancy in design collaboration, use of leading consultants, and the successful navigation of complicated governmental approvals processes. 

The Prada New York Epicenter was constructed in an occupied, landmark building adjacent to a busy subway station. Some 500 designers, consultants, fabricators, and trades people contributed to its creation.

Prada and Rem Koolhaas selected ARO to join the project at the start of Schematic Design. We played an active role throughout the project’s life, developing the design in collaboration with Office for Metropolitan Architecture and overseeing its successful realization in New York City.

While the unprecedented cylindrical glass elevator, zebrawood “waves,” and surfaces of translucent cellular polycarbonate are the store’s public design signatures, its most sophisticated technologies are reserved for the private spaces. Many breakthrough technologies developed by OMA’s alter ego, AMO, were specified either for the first time or in a unique application for the Prada New York Epicenter—in the dressing rooms. A transparent glass door that turns opaque with the touch of a pedal. Touchscreen access to databases with information about product availability and alternatives. Plasma screens embedded in mirrors. A delayed video recording that allows shoppers to see a 360-degree vision of themselves as they try out new apparel.

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Status: Built
Location: New York City