Architecture Research Office

Architecture Research Office

New York, NY



ICERM is the newest of eight National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes and the only one to be located in New England. The mission of ICERM is to support and broaden the relationship between mathematics and computation: specifically, to expand the use of computational and experimental methods in mathematics, to support theoretical advances related to computation, and address problems posed by the existence and use of the computer through mathematical tools, research and innovation. The project provides 16,500 sf of collaborative work environments, offices, and lecture hall facilities within an existing office tower.

The renovation converts existing law offices on the top two floor of a downtown office building into a National Science Foundation-funded mathematics institute. The ICERM program is comprised of private and shared offices on the 10th floor for visiting scholars; public collaborative areas on both floors; an administrative suite for permanent staff; a 100-seat lecture hall with extensive audiovisual capabilities; and two meeting rooms with Smartboard or videoconference capabilities.

The majority of the existing office layout is maintained on both floors. Floor, ceiling and wall finishes are upgraded throughout the project. The existing 11th floor pantry and copy area is reconfigured to provide lockers and a reception area. Writable surfaces in the form of painted chalkboards and whiteboards and glass panels are provided throughout the floor. Extensive upgrades to mechanical controls and equipment are undertaken on the 10th floor. Anew rooftop unit provides supplemental cooling to the lecture hall.

The lecture hall is equipped with a double layer of 14’ tall glass panels which act as a writable surface from both sides as well as a light feature due to LED fixtures within the cavity. 

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Status: Built
Location: Brown University