AntiStatics Architecture Design

AntiStatics Architecture Design

Beijing, CN


"World Oasis" New Beijing National Zoo international competition

We trace the original state of the ancient earth, a “drop” of water transferred into six oasis. This “water-based” concept supported this piece of natural animal territory. We follow the stratification of animals in different continents to build this natural habitat environment. “Looking for the next home of wildlife” is the inspiration and direction of the design.


To plan a 200 hectares safari, to build a six-continent-featured environment from the center “Bird Island” to the intercontinental animal protected and display area.


After redesigning and planning, the Beijing National Zoo opens the hidden thinking and visions of environment. Human need to restrain themselves, animals need to be respected. We call: “Bound human, liberate animals.” The visitors from the underground parking lot, trams, cars and sightseeing will all consciously and quietly approached each category of animals.


By using parametric design, bionic natural habitat landscape and animal nests have been categorized according to multi-level chain of wildlife, then put along the designated walking path. There are viewing platform, experiencing house, animal museum and visitor center in every “continent”. Walking in the animal world, witnessing and touching everything of animals throughout the world oasis. Today, with the contribution of parametric design and Internet technology. To reconstruct the living environment of the wildlife, breakthrough the hinder between human and animals became possible. “Bound human, liberate animals.” Respect life, reshape the relationship between man and anima and build the ideal paradise for them.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Beijing Area (TBD)
Firm Role: Main Design Team