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AntiStatics Architecture Design

Beijing, CN


Cocoon---Wing’s Space

Quying's Sun Room Interior Renovation

Quying wanted a unique room to relax and sit with friends. Water is the primary driver for the spaces created within, a fluid space that is simultaneously both calming and exciting. Evoking ideas of softness and fluidity, the renovation of Quying’s sun room creates a space for relaxation and meditation. The rigidity of the interior space is made subtle through the addition of undulating curvilinear planes which serve to further subdivide the single room into more individual intimate spaces. The translucent sheets allow light to diffuse into the room creating a simultaneous warmth and brightness. Conceptually the space becomes soft and cloud-like, while the sheets also perform a functional role as discrete shelving.

Emerging from the gentle flowing clouds near the ceiling are the featured elements of the hybridized fish bowl/planters. The hard material of the steel mesh netting is reinvented, utilizing its natural material properties to create a form behaving as a fluid water drop. The significance of the water drop symbol ties the room together. A small light has been installed at the base of the planter, meant to draw the hanging tendrils of the plant in towards the netting while playing off the water and sphere of the fish bowl to create new patterns of light and shadow below. The central rug is a custom piece acting as the fluid anchor to the room. The heavy and bulky rope swirls around itself, nesting coils against one another, the precise layout of the rug is entirely dependent upon adjacent coils and vice versa.

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: Project Location: Beijing, Shunyi
Project Type: Home Interior Design
Area: 23 sq.m
Completion Date: 2016, August
Design Director: Martin Miller, Mo Zheng, Yuxiao Zhu
Project Architect: Frank Li
Design development and Fabrication:
AntiStatics Architecture, Beijing
Photographer: Chiao Wang
Awards: International Space Design Awards “IDEA-TOPS”2016---- Nomination for The Best Lighting Environment Design