AntiStatics Architecture Design

AntiStatics Architecture Design

Beijing, CN


“The Event of Phoenix” mobile stage installation

Leading representatives from 16 countries in Central and Eastern European, the Hebei provincial and 15 Chinese provinces' representatives and over 200 foreign media reporters gathered in Tangshan Grand Theater to watch the "The Event of Phoenix" theatrical performances.Such a high-standard performance will never allow any flaws, especially the stage art. The newly built Tangshan Theatre just handed-over less than a month, the design team investigated the stage's machinery and equipment operation deeply, the draft of design also be fixed several times to finalize the dynamic "Phoenix Installation" as the main device at the stage. Lasers, stage ascending, descending, shifting, turning, hanging hardware mechanical linkage play, dynamic fusion choreography and performances, highlighting the visual impact of the ups and downs of the stage to play the ultimate Phoenix about choreography, but also caught in a among indescribable pressure.


"The Event of Phoenix" stage art is a combination of performing arts and practical technology, is also the first inspectionon on the new theater and stage machinery equipment. For effective convergence of art, stage director must assume the feasibility and necessity of dynamic stage generated, and eventually  consensus with the main director in order to promote the concept of visual play innovatively.


"The Event of Phoenix" introduced brilliant and innovative choreography, this program is an incredible art festival in Hebei Province in recent years. The stage design team and show director worked together to give a fantastic performance. The use of new technology on stage also provide references and inspiration for future stage design.

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Status: Built
Location: Tangshan, CN
Firm Role: Main Design Team