Anastasia Stepanova

Anastasia Stepanova

New York, NY, US


Terra Sport: Family Sport and Recreation Center

TERRA SPORT is a social project of investment group “Copernicus” to establish a network of centers in Russia and CIS countries. The main goal of these centers to meet the needs of children and adults in the physical, intellectual and spiritual development, creation of new forms of family entertainment, advanced media technologies equipment, multi-functionality.
The building consists of several mainframes: universal gym, swimming pool, fitness-center, children’s center and retail areas. These blocks can be joined in various combinations to an invariable functional kernel, depending on requirements of area of building. Such functional flexibility does the project easily adapted for conditions.There are three solutions of the Project: TS 2.0 / TS 4.0 / TS ICE.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Moscow,RU
My Role: Assistance with schematic design, 3d modeling, developing presentation visuals.
Additional Credits: Fedor Dubinnikov, MELSpace