Anastasia Stepanova

Anastasia Stepanova

New York, NY, US



5 New Gallerys: Science Approach In Art

The intent of this studio was to propose new ways to allow the museum to grow and evolve with the neighborhood and to rethink the traditional boundaries of what constitutes a museum entity.
The new galleries are located on top of buildings and are capsules, which can be filled according to the current program. Organization of capsules is bottom-up: from experimental labs to exhibition spaces at the top of buildings. Labs test and create new innovations at the intersection of art and science(new materials, technology, interactive media, etc.) and then applies this research on the museum - the use of new materials as its new skin. The New Museum becomes a kind of platform for experimentation and testing of new features of artists and art.
The street-level is some kind of art playground : space around the museum is exempted to the environment of creativity. It’s arranged by street within a block, connects the site of the New Museum and existing Freeman Alley. The outdoor amphitheater connects the basement level of the museum with a gallery and organize public space with a recreation/observation area like the new center of focus of activity.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US