Angela Nunez Matos

Angela Nunez Matos

Washington, DC, US



I am working on the Consolidation Project of the Forest Service Washington Headquarters commercial office building. On this project I designed, planned, provided technical guidance and interpretation of the plans including Design Development Drawings, Construction Documents, (IFC) Issued for Construction package and respective Project Manuals.

In addition to my work experience, I completed a Master of Architecture II Post-Professional Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Also, I have a NAAB Accredited 5 year Bachelor of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico completed with Cum Laude Honor in June, 2008.

On the work and education qualifications mentioned above, the projects where generated with the utilization of computer aided design software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Adobe Suite, Maya, Rhino, and Microsoft Project.


USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC, US, Property Management Specialist

•Providing technical reviews to the 35%, 75% and 100% Construction Documents drawings, IFC (Issued for Construction) documents and Project Manual of the Consolidation Project of the commercial building type, Yates Building to ensure compliance between life safety plans, architectural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire alarm plans. Ensuring that Forest Service requirements were met by the Build Contractor submittals. The GSA Design Build Contractor contract is $27,000,000.

•Revising and providing technical constructive criticism regarding missing code signage such as interior stairwell code signage. Evaluating design aspects of signage of the Wayfinding Project of the Yates Building. The cost of the Wayfinding Project was $250,000. The Wayfinding project includes the interior building signage of the program of the soon to be completely renovated Forest Service Headquarters. Served as the sole (COR) Contracting Officer Representative. Facilitated contract management and alteration of contract to the Contracting Officer.

•Reviewed and interpreted for the Forest Service staff including upper management the 50% and 100% Design Development Drawings and Specifications to verify compliance between the architectural set and Forest Service requirements and expectations of the Consolidation of the commercial building type, Yates Building. The cost of the project was $340,000. The Consolidation of the Forest Service headquarters will reduce leasing cost and save $5,000,000 annually.

•Designed and prepared a set of Design Development Drawings for the new showers and locker rooms in the commercial office, Yates building. The set included demolition, architectural, electrical and mechanical drawings. The Design Development Drawings were included as an item in the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Design Build Contractor of the Consolidation Project. Generated the Design Development Drawings using computer aided design (AutoCAD) software and Adobe Illustrator to prepare presentation package. The showers and locker room drawings were included on the IFC (Issued for Construction) documents. Saved $100,000 to the agency.

•Reviewed the Lighting Addendum of the Consolidation issued after the IFC documents. Identified the issue that most iconic spaces the plazas of 4 levels of the building did not have any lighting design. The plazas on the addendum drawings only suspended ceilings tiles and mechanical work were shown and specified. Recommended to the Build Contractor that they provide lighting. Recommendation was implemented.

•Developed Schematic Design Drawings of the main entrance of the commercial building, Yates Building for the Consolidation project to and submitted it to the Design Development contractor. Generated drawings using a computer aided Design (AutoCAD) software and Adobe Illustrator was used to prepare the presentation.

•Reviewed Critical Path Method (CPM) and All Activities Schedule Submitted by GSA Build Contractor to ensure the completion of the Consolidation Project will be done within the established time line, cost and budget. Verified the time frame given to the contractors and subcontractors to determine if the overall schedule met the contractors and/or subcontractors needs. Determined that some vendors did not have the schedule needed to meet contract.

•Developed and prepared floor plans of the Consolidated, commercial office, Yates Building illustrating the new Forest Service Staff Distributions. Generated staff distribution floor plans using computer aided Design (AutoCAD) software and Adobe Illustrator to prepare presentation.

•Provided professional consultations on matters covering location, space surveys, site development, construction, architectural/engineering programming, and design of the new Yates Building. Provided consultations in design meetings with upper management and contractors to ensure the FS requirements and expectations were addressed. Provided professional opinions based on past work experiences and qualifications such as degrees in Architecture and Project Management Certification.

•Created and prepared cost estimates such as Independent Government Estimates (IGE) for milestones on the (RFP) Request for Proposal Furniture procurement, Furniture Specification and Statement of work.

•Supervised contractors' execution to ensure the compliance of Consolidation Project Plans and requirements utilizing architectural and project management knowledge.

•Reviewed the 60%, 90% and 100% Furniture Specification Package to ensure the compliance with Forest Service requirements of furniture that represent the character of the new design which reflect collaboration in the open environment.

•Evaluated and reviewed the proposals submitted during the Request for Proposals of Furniture Contract required for the Consolidation of the Forest Service Headquarters. Verified the compliance and capacity of the vendors to deliver and address the furniture specifications. Facilitated the decision to award the contract to the most qualified furniture vendor. Provided technical revisions to the submissions such as floor plans, line drawings, bill of materials, and finishes selections that met the Forest Service requirements. The Furniture contract is a $2,000,000 project.

•Generated Rosslyn floor Plans using computer aided design (AutoCAD) software to illustrate the furniture mock-ups locations of to facilitate the planning and design to the furniture vendor.

•Performed assignments in support of the Computer Aided Facilities Management System (CAFMS) with specific emphasis in facilities issues and cad functions. Provide user/staff support on CAD and CAFMS and resolve routine problems associated with the hardware and the software and related applications.

Dec 2012 - current

USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC, US, Intern Architect

•Designed and prepared the new space layouts for the Forest Service Chief and staff. Illustrated the space distribution on the swing space in Rosslyn,VA. Generated floor plans using computer aided Design (AutoCAD) software and Adobe Illustrator to prepare presentation.

•Developed blocking floor plans for the FS staff and data to verify the capacity to swing to Rosslyn Building. Generated floor plans using computer aided Design (AutoCAD) software and Adobe Illustrator to prepare presentation.

•Prepared the Furniture Specification Statement of Work for the headquarter consolidation project Space Odyssey.

•Prepared the (JOFOC) Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition sole source document in which the FS explain the benefits of a sole source contract with the architecture/design firm who developed the design developments drawings in order to award the Furniture Specification package due of their knowledge and time frame of the project.

•Prepared a (CRIA) Civil Rights Impact Assessment document which facilitated the compliance of the Consolidation Project with the CRIA requirements. Analyzed the benefits, impacts and risks of the project in respect to employees.

•Complied and developed an Employee’s Usage Data Report with graphic representations of the Yates Building for the Space Odyssey Project. The report was included in the Program Requirements Document which generated the Design Development Drawings package. Generated the Employee’s Usage Data Report presentation using Design Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Excel.

•Collaborated in the project management of the reconfiguration of 5Th Floor NW in the Yates Building, by developing cost estimates, evaluating proposals of the furniture vendors, and selecting furniture vendor. Developed Project Risk Analysis in order to determine final selection of the furniture vendor.

May 2012 - Dec 2012

USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC, US, Intern Architect (HACU Intern)

As a HACU intern I worked for the USDA Forest Service in the Washington (WO) Engineering and Sustainable Operations. During this time I have worked for WO and with Regions 2, 4 and 8.

I have developed office building space guidelines project for the leasing office in R2 implementing space requirements, USDA Space Management Policy, and GSA Mobile Workspace on my floor plans designs. The designs will be used to develop three alternatives for a typical public lands center office that includes both Forest Service and BLM employees. I developed bubble diagrams to show the relationships between staff areas to demonstrate layouts efficiencies.

In support of Region 4, I prepared sixteen sets of plans for the Cathedral Rock Toilet and Shower project. On this project I cleaned the main package line weight of the drawing file so it could be read and understood. The different sets created: 2 unit vault, 2 unit flush, 4 unit flush, 6 unit flush, 2 unit flush and shower and compiling them in groups of photovoltaic, passive ventilation, mechanical ventilation, electricity for heat/hot water, propane for heat/hot water with their respective structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings.

I assisted Region 8 in three different projects. First, I reviewed the Appalachian Ranger District Administrative Office set of plans to verify the compliance between the architectural set with the civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings. I identified the discrepancies between sets and submitted them to R8 to be incorporated in the project construction documents. Next, I developed cut sheets sets for the Toilet Accessories, Plumbing Fixtures, and Electrical Fixtures for the Twin Knobs Toilet Rehab Project. The cut sheets package was sent to the Forest's COR for their use in administering the contract of the project. Also, I prepared a market research of commercially available Construction Management (CM) Systems that will be part of a business case of the R8. The information was collected from twenty-four vendors including Primavera, Newforma, and Submittal Exchange via phone/emails communications. The data acquired was used to conclude that only seventeen of the CM systems support design phase activities, and that parameter is a main selection criterion for the Region.

For the WO, I have compiled and updated the High Performance and Sustainable Buildings (HPSB) list for the FY2011 data call. Furthermore, I have reviewed the Guiding Principles, the EISA and Greenhouse Gas Scorecard and the Executive Orders 13514 and 13423. I have developed a graphic summary to clarify the relationships between these evaluations systems guidelines to simplify the assessment of the Forest Service facilities.

For Sustainable Business Operations I have coordinated the Lighten Your Load Event to execute it in the WO Engineering. This event was created to reduce energy consumption by excessing unused/underused electrical equipment such as computers, printers, telephone, etc. I also coordinated the Power It Down Day, created to reduce energy consumption by shutting down and unplugging electrical equipment for a whole weekend at Rosslyn, VA. I tutored the WO Engineering staff the benefits of shutting down and unplugging to reduce our energy consumption. I have also prepared an article for the Sustainable Operations Website ( regarding the sustainable features of the new Albuquerque Service Center building located in Albuquerque, NM.

Jun 2011 - Sep 2011

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US, Laser Cutter Operator (Work Study Position)

While I was completing my Master of Architecture Post-Professional II Degree I worked in the Fabrication Lab of the School of Design at University of Pennsylvania doing:

Reviewed AutoCAD and Illustrator drawings files to verify their compliance with the requirements to be printed in the laser cutter.

Advised students of any remedial AutoCAD work needed to be done to their files or materials in order to print their projects using the laser cutter.

Verified that all work was completed within the student scheduled time slot.

Sep 2010 - May 2011

U.S. Census Bureau, Allentown, PA, US, Enumerator (Temporary Federal Position)

I worked for the U.S. Census 2010 to assist counting every household member. Performing work such as:

Planned work by reviewing assignment area to determine organization of neighborhoods and locate households for conducting interviews.

Conducted interviews to residents in assigned areas by following stringent guidelines and confidentiality laws. Explained the purpose of the census interview, answered residents' questions, elicited information following a script, and recorded census data on forms.

Assessed quality control levels on selected addresses, determined which samples passed or failed, and maintained records for quality control verification.

Complied with accuracy standards while maintaining high production rates.

Maintained records of hours worked, units produced, miles driven, quality control results, and expenses incurred in the performance of duties.

Met daily with supervisor to review and submit work, and to receive additional instructions.

Apr 2010 - Jun 2010

MIRAMAR REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT, INC., San Juan, PR, US, Assistant Architect (Intern Position)

While I was finishing my bachelor of architecture, I worked for a year with a developer; Miramar Real Estate Management, Inc. During my tenure my duties included:

The development of graphic presentations for multiple projects such as the company portfolio projects to be presented to the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico (PR) and its Mayor Francisco Zayas Seijo.

The old elementary school in Springfield, Massachusetts renovation project which was converted into a new residential development. For this project I developed design ideas orally, in writing, diagrams, sketches and construction drawings for the new proposed parking lot applying architectural concepts, principles, codes, regulations such ADA requirements and architectural graphic standards for parking development.

Reviewed and interpreted plans including architectural, electrical, mechanical, and civil sets to verify the compliance with each set of drawings. These reviews were made for residential projects such as The Alamos in Guaynabo, P.R., Park West and Park East in Bayamon, P.R. I conducted periodic on-site inspections of work during the construction phase to monitor compliance with plans of the projects Park West and Park East. For the Alamos project I prepared original designs for the new facades of the proposed renovation of the project creating a more dynamic, fluid, and depth space. Furthermore, I prepared the as-built of the project to have a digital version of the original sets of plans. I accomplished this by visiting the site and documenting the apartments with drawings and photos then translating the information into AutoCad files.

I prepared one commercial space and two offices as-built. I designed layouts for two offices spaces of the company's building, consulting with future clients to determine functional and spatial requirements of new structure or renovation.

For the mixed-use project Ciudadela I designed the exhibition room, where the project scaled model was displayed, and the first leasing office was located. Included in the design was the location of the electrical fixture of the exhibition room. I coordinated with the electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and electrical suppliers the installation of the selected electrical fixtures and a/c ducts.

Aug 2007 - Aug 2008


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US, MArch, Master of Architecture II Post-Professional Degree

Studied abroad first semester in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Studied abroad second semester Copenhagen, Denmark.

Completed on May 16th, 2011; GPA 3.50

Aug 2010 - May 2011

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR), San Juan, PR, US, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Completed on June 25th, 2008 with Cum Laude Honor, GPA 3.28

Completed my capstone design project which consisted of a mix use housing and commerce building in which sustainable architecture strategies where employed. These strategies included LEED guidelines for sustainable development in site: cross ventilation and efficient building orientation using sun studies. Improved energy efficiency by the employment of solar panels for power and shading purpose, and integrated them into the overall aesthetic design. 2008

Aug 2001 - Jun 2008

Central High School of Visual Arts, San Juan, PR, US, High School, High School Diploma/Certificate in Advertising Design

School of Visual Arts. Completed with a Certificate in Advertising Design

Aug 1995 - May 2001


UPenn Design Project published on ‘The New Normal’ Post-Professional Book, Other

UPenn Design Project published on ‘The New Normal’ Post-Professional Book


Frank Geho Memorial Scholarship, Scholarship

CSI Allentown, PA Chapter_2010


AIA Eastern PA Scholarship, Scholarship


Salt & Pepper Design, Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention on the design of Salt & Pepper containers for the final Project of the first year space history course.


Biography published on the National Dean List, Other

Biography published on the National Dean List


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