Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins

Flint, MI, US


Vagrancy + Architecture

This being my first true experience abroad, the opportunity to travel could not be overlooked. Coupled with the cycling culture so prevalent in Denmark, the idea for a portable towable shelter emerges. These investigations into modern nomadic living are then put to the test through a 10-day, 700km trek through Denmark and Norway via bicycle.

A welded steel frame is used to structure the trailer, made as minimally as possible within a minimal time and economy. Half-millimeter sheet aluminium is used in lieu of fabric for security purposes.

Size is a forefront issue and is very important in managing weight. The trailer has to be capable of housing a 185 cm human reasonably comfortably, while being small enough to be both maneuverable and lightweight. The main compartment is therefore 1.2 meters long, while the door which folds down to complete the sleeping bay is 0.8 meters to create a sleeping chamber of two meters.

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Status: Built
Location: Aarhus, DK