Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins

Flint, MI, US


18th Street Park

A concrete fence of 88 totems divides 18th Street Park and the Urban Roots Garden Center in downtown Buffalo. A separation of 5” between totems creates a visually permeable division between the two areas for a mutually benefecial relationship: the fence will draw in visitors to the garden center, while colunteers of the center will act as caretakers for the park.

A 3/8” thick 1’x4’ plate of steel may be used in each design. A variation of height, width, profile, and technique creates a strong sense of diversity in the design of each totem. Conceptually and aesthetically, each is capable of standing on its own. But with the collission of these dispositions, new circumstances of geometry, proportion, and material manipulation arise.

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Status: Built
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Design of two concrete "totems," installation
Additional Credits: University at Buffalo + Brad Wales