Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins

Flint, MI, US


Acoustic (Im)permeability

Mission Statement: The laboratory’s focus is to discover the particularities of sound and music that alter behavior, eventually engineering the physical and compositional structures of these elements to achieve desired responses. Exploring geometry, scale, and material as a means of manipulating existing sound, the public structure becomes a tool through which various soundscapes are produced. These spaces can be considered as a series of morphed anechoic chambers - the acoustic equivalent to an infinite void and the ideal acoustic scenario.

The public experiment establishes itself in public circulation, where the inhabitants essentially become the audience and the performers, observing each other’s vibrations. A theatre houses a larger audience in a more controlled setting, while extending its performers’ audibility to the surrounding city. On a smaller scale, anechoic chambers and sound labs exist within the laboratory sector, as well as areas for testing animals and plants.

One-way anechoic walls filter and permit or reject sound, creating a series of acoustically ambiguous spaces. The back wall of the theatre projects its sounds into the urban landscape, while the concave side of the wall absorbs incoming sound waves.

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Status: School Project
Location: Buffalo, NY, US