Andi Arifaj

Andi Arifaj

Tiranë, AL


Student Housing FAU

Project involved the adaptive reuse of a 1982’s carcass building into a student housing, for architecture students. Located on the boundary of the Faculty of Architecture, the site came out to be very favorable.
The adaptive building was developed with public spaces in all the levels.The building’s detachment from the ground creates an open plan, transforming the site into a stationary point. It’s center is being placed into a new amphitheater along the axis of the road, that is whether open or closed.
The student’s apartments, designed with shipping containers, embrace the existing structure in the both levels above the ground, whereas the collective spaces are organized in the heart of the building. There are two atrium, in every level that increase the visibility and the ventilation of the building. 
The circulation in-between the levels is made with a 16-meter-long concrete promenade ramp, providing moment of egress from deck to deck.

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Status: School Project
Location: Tirana, AL