Andi Arifaj

Andi Arifaj

Tiranë, AL


House for a yoga teacher

The analogy in between Yoga and Modernism consist on the physical and metaphysical health which both seek. Yoga releasing the energy and mod-ernism gaining strength. 

Both merge on the path, trajectory, journey and the experience when one discovers the building. Its intention is to build a relationship between the circulation and the hierarchy of the program. The promenade which is the heart of the house decomposes the 9 meter cube into a series of moments and emotions. From the ground level to the sky, the house is made by three parts public, semi-public and private. The public area contains the entrance and the yoga hall which are followed by the semi-public area with the living room, dining and kitchen. The private area has four parts, reading room, sleeping room, bathroom and a garden as a meditation room. In total seven floors each with a specific intention.The plan and the section are in contradiction. The promenade clears away the contradiction and generates the flow which is constantly releasing energy. 

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Status: School Project